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Learning Makes Itself Invisible

Learning SHOULD Be Fun: Tom Stafford writes “In lots of teaching situations we focus on the right and wrong answers to things, which is a venerable paradigm for learning, but not the only one. There is a less structured, curiosity-driven, … Continue reading

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To The Cosmic Birther of All Radiance and Vibration …

Direct translation of an ancient Aramaic prayer: “O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration!Soften the ground of our being andcarve out a space within us whereYour Presence can abide.Fill us with your creativity so that wemay be empowered to … Continue reading

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Future by Design

Trailer for a film by William Gazecki about Jacque Fresco, the self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a “generalist” or multi-disciplinarian — a student of many inter-related fields. He is a prolific inventor, having spent his entire life … Continue reading

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Astral Organics

A Cow Jumped Over the Moon: Erik Davis writes “I mean really, folks, what is more interesting? High school physics reminders about the miniscule tidal forces emanating from the moon? Or the fact that our society’s stumbling, and somewhat last-ditch … Continue reading

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Sun Ra Explained

ShoMerde – Sun Ra’s Chart Explained: “Following the momentous appearance of the Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen at the Palais Royale in October 2008, local astrologer Julie Simmons ran down the founding father’s chart on morning … Continue reading

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Status: Citizenship

Gary does not WANT to be a citizen of this planet.It takes too long. He would much rather stay a citizen of The Greater Uni-Verse.

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Barack Obama Elected President

Barack Obama Elected President: “the data show a consistent positive trend that continues through the declaration at 23:00 ET and his subsequent speech to 125,000 people at Grant Park in Chicago and the public via TV. The formal data segment … Continue reading

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