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The Japanese Spider-Man

You Really Haven't Lived Until You Have Seen The Japanese Spider-Man TV Show: “In this series, Spider-Man isn’t some geeky, science loving, newspaper photographer, named Peter Parker. Oh no, he is a bad ass motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro. In … Continue reading

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You can be King for a Day!

King of the Monsters, that is. On a tip from RoboJapan we learn of the sideline site TOHO Original Goods (株式会社 東宝映像美術) where, absolutely true and legit, for less than a fifth the cost of a lowly hobby-horse you can … Continue reading

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New Year Ultra Resolutions

Urutora No Hi:: 1. To not go to school on an empty stomach 2. To air out the futon on days when the weather is good 3. To watch out for cars when walking on the street 4. To not … Continue reading

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RoboJapan writes “A TV commercial for The Ladders who say ‘We only work with the big talents’ — I just have to wonder just how good The Ladders really are? I mean, if they are catering to such a ‘high-class’ … Continue reading

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Haruo Nakajima Turns 80

Armand's Rancho del Cielo: “Nakajima, who was the man in the Godzilla suit from 1954 to 1972, turned 80 years old today. Nakajima played several other monsters during his movie career including Rodan, Varan, King Kong and many others. He … Continue reading

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Godzilla Spotted In Chiba

Monster Island News: Breaking News! Godzilla Spotted In Chiba…..Wait….Its A Tree!: “This is a breaking news story, Godzilla has been spotted in Chiba Prefecture! Authorities are instructing residents to flee the area immediately. The JDF has been notified! Trucks with … Continue reading

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Mothra 3

A behind the scenes look at the filming of the Japanese monster film Mothra 3 (Rebirth of Mothra 3)

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