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The Obama Song Project

Weebly Site: “Her principal had given her two periods free from teaching to complete the project. She brought her iMac to work and set up a makeshift studio in her English office. By makeshift, she means she put her computer … Continue reading

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Learning Makes Itself Invisible

Learning SHOULD Be Fun: Tom Stafford writes “In lots of teaching situations we focus on the right and wrong answers to things, which is a venerable paradigm for learning, but not the only one. There is a less structured, curiosity-driven, … Continue reading

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Three Little Bops

Via Skipper Bartlett, from 1957, a bop-ish Looney tunes short With Shorty Rogers and Stan Freberg, and yet another of my pre-school indoctrinations to ultra-hipness. The Big Bad Wolf he learned the Rule: You gotta get hot to play real … Continue reading

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Wynton Marsalis on Learning to Hear

Ethan Iverson interviews Wynton Marsalis: “People need education. It should be our right for our whole country. You’d be taught how to listen to stuff. That’s not a revolutionary concept. People know it takes education to learn things — whether … Continue reading

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Turn Off the Boob-Toob

Science for Raising Happy Kids: “a new study out shows, once again, a pretty strong link between happiness and NOT watching television. University of Maryland sociologists John Robinson and Steven Martin show that happier people tend to watch considerably less … Continue reading

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The Story of Doctor Fox

Amazing Stories from the History of Science: “His polished performance so impressed the audience that nobody noticed that the man standing at the lectern wasn’t just Myron L. Fox from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine: he was also the … Continue reading

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