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The Triadic Chromatic Approach

Casa Valdez Studios: “Without going into full detail, the idea of the triadic chromatic concept is to take either major, minor, diminished or augmented triads and move them around chromatically and in random inversions. If you don’t repeat the same … Continue reading

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Status: Work-out

Gary needs some exercise. A real work-out. Get some sweat. He’s going to start with diminished scales. In C#

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Status: On Braxton

Gary is listening to the full Anthony Braxton keynote address from the Guelph Jazz Festival. the really scary part is that he’s making perfect sense.

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Struttin’ with some barbecue

There’s some great talk over on Darcy’s blog about the notions of jazz vocabulary and strategies for jazz education, and some very good discussion too, I’ve chimed in with my own (cosmic) ideas, but the groove of the conversation is … Continue reading

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Improvisation is Plural

Miles Davis illustrated the collective coherence of improvisation by having the so-called ‘backing’ players punctuate the soloist lines with ad-hoc phrases, jarring the ‘leader’ back into the real-time, a push-pull give-take phrase by phrase inter-PLAY described by Ornette as “what … Continue reading

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The Abstract Truth

Following up the last post On the Edge of Now, I thought I might offer a glimpse of the host of that documentary through this clip of Derek Bailey and dancer Min Tanaka as an illustration of the contextual essence … Continue reading

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