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Christmas Curtain Raiser

Traditional carol mash-up by Sinfonia alumnus Ross Hasting, “Christmas Curtain Raiser” (Alfred Publ 1971) rendered here by the Heritage High School Concert Band (aka the Marching Mountaineers)

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In the jazzier genre, here’s the Belmont Sr. Secondary Jazz Band “A”; what I really like about this clip is the infectious joy of the performance. The kids take a chance on taking a rollicking favourite, and making it their … Continue reading

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The Folk Song Suite

Encapsulating the mood, the emotion of the time, and setting it forth right there in the concert venue, that’s what we do, and last time we looked at the strange attractors of nostalgia and patriotism as the domain for a … Continue reading

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A Place To Stand

What do we do? Up there, on a daïs or a bandshell, in step behind the flags. what is our purpose? Yeah, I’m in a philosophical mood, but bear with me just a bit. We know a concert band provides … Continue reading

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Orpheus In The Underworld

Not many concert band pieces have challenged the law, but this is the rebel history of Offenbach’s “Orphee aux Enfers”, premiered in 1858 as the world’s first full-length Operetta in defiance of French laws prohibiting works of this length. Defiant … Continue reading

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Easter Parade

A 1935 recording of Leo Reisman’s Orchestra “Stop Press” version of Irving Berlin’s elegant society jazzband number from the 1933 review “As Thousands Cheer“. Berlin’s tune was later cemented into our collective psyche by the silver screen duet with Fred … Continue reading

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Amparito Roca

We’re some days into a chilly spring today, and with half our band away to warm and exotic places, I had traveling shoes in mind. So we’re off on the wings of the music, and nothing really trips us off … Continue reading

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