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Norwegian Eco-Kids Norwegian organization Miljøagentene (Eco Agents) is educating kids about the environment and how to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. Our aim is to stimulate children’s interest and love for nature, and to make them realize that the way … Continue reading

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Status: Citizenship

Gary does not WANT to be a citizen of this planet.It takes too long. He would much rather stay a citizen of The Greater Uni-Verse.

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Who Owns Nature?

ETC Group News Release: “‘About one-quarter of the world’s biomass has already been commodified,’ explains ETC Group’s Pat Mooney. ‘With extreme genetic engineering, we’re seeing new corporate strategies to capture and commodify the three-quarters of the world’s biomass that has, … Continue reading

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National Treasure

Toilet habits are no laughing matter: “‘In 2008, it’s just ridiculous we haven’t sorted this out,’ says Rose George, ‘and have this linguistic and mental handicap about it.’ ‘We need to question whether we can’t change the way it’s done,’ … Continue reading

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African chimps decline ‘alarming’

BBC Science & Environment: “The population of the endangered West African chimpanzees in Ivory Coast has fallen by about 90% in less than 20 years, a study has suggested. Researchers found 90% fewer nests than a similar audit carried out … Continue reading

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Bottled water not so pure

Greenspace – Los Angeles Times: “Bottled water isn’t necessarily any purer than the water you get from your tap, it’s just more expensive, according to a report released Wednesday by a Washington, D.C., nonprofit research group. The Environmental Working Group … Continue reading

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Creative Citizen

Creative Citizen: “Creative Citizen™ is a mental shift: humans don’t always have to be users and abusers, they can also be creators. Instead of continuing down the same path of global unawareness and consumption, a Creative Citizen™ reduces worldwide problems … Continue reading

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