The Heart of London

The London Stone, Cannon Street: For hundreds of years the small limestone block was recognised as the heart of the City of London and became a traditional site to pass laws, reclaim debts, swear oaths and make official proclamations.

WalkLondon adds that the stone may not currently be in its enclave; it was moved out for safe-keeping during the Cannon Street road constructions.

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Be Bop Wino: Blow “Mr. Low-Blow” / Lyin’ Girl Blues – Red Saunders and his Orchestra (Columbia 30218)

Recorded in Chicago, June 15th, 1950. Personnel: Hot Lips Page, Sonny Cohn (trumpets); Harlan Floyd, John Avant (trombones); Porter Kilbert (alto sax); Leon Washington (tenor sax); McKinley Easton (baritone sax); Earl Washington (piano); Jimmy Richardson (bass); Jumpin’ Joe Williams (vocal); Sonny Blount (arranger).

via Be Bop Wino: Blow “Mr. Low-Blow” / Lyin’ Girl Blues – Red Saunders and his Orchestra (Columbia 30218).

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How Do You Rehearse The Unknown?

Wayne Shorter On Jazz: “The six years I was with Miles, we never talked about music. We never had a rehearsal. Jazz shouldn’t have any mandates. Jazz is not supposed to be something that’s required to sound like jazz. For me, the word ‘jazz’ means, ‘I dare you.’ The effort to break out of something is worth more than getting an A in syncopation.”

Wayne Shorter turns 80 this year. His newest album is called Without a Net.

“This music, it’s dealing with the unexpected. No one really knows how to deal with the unexpected. How do you rehearse the unknown?”

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language from birdsong: deep roots of human speech

How human language could have evolved from birdsong: Researchers propose new theory on deep roots of human speech: our finite vocabularies can generate a seemingly infinite string of words. Indeed, the researchers suggest that humans first had the ability to sing, as Darwin conjectured, and then managed to integrate specific lexical elements into those songs.

seems first you sing …
and then you have to say something

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Time to dig out the old haunts

The whole Posterous thing probably was too good to be true, and true enough it was. As of April 30, all those Posterous blogs will vanish, and that means it's time to rethink a web writer's web strategy.

Self hosting is far too much heartache and expense, so for then time being it's back to old — not that it is really and more 'permanent' but let's hope there's enough in it to keep Google interested enough to not wipe it out.

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Louis Armstrong – Potato Head Blues

“one of the most astonishing accomplishments in all of twentieth century music.”

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