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The Brain Beautiful

TeledyN: “The objective is fine of itself, to work to be better tomorrow than one was today, to work to keep mentally acute and fit, to stay mentally agile and so save others the need to dote and care over … Continue reading

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East isn’t East and West isn’t West

The cognitive fallacy of East is East and West is West: MindHacks review of Ed Yong’s article in New Scientist which suggests that Kipling’s twains of East vs West never existed in the first place “Even more surprisingly, the article … Continue reading

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The Mind Bites

Mind bites presents 83 beautifully illustrated reasons why I fled from Psychology. characteristic pseudoscience cynicism so thick, you could cut it with a knife — I’m sure to be the object of someone’s RDD for that remark. “This and that … Continue reading

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A Taste for Mastery

We're Only Human: “These findings, reported in the December issue of Psychological Science, may explain the power of hobbies. But more than that they sound a warning to those choosing jobs and careers. Hard work and mastery may give us … Continue reading

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How intelligent are intelligence tests?

Whitehead responds @ Neuroanthropology: “social, musical, artistic, and “bodily-kinaesthetic” (including dance and sports) skills have been important since the “dawn of civilization” whereas logical scientific thought only came to the fore after the European Renaissance (Atkinson et al., 1993: 476). … Continue reading

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The Story of Doctor Fox

Amazing Stories from the History of Science: “His polished performance so impressed the audience that nobody noticed that the man standing at the lectern wasn’t just Myron L. Fox from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine: he was also the … Continue reading

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What You Think, You Know, You Hear

An Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech: Listen up, because this is important – Matt Davis writes “In this work, Remez and colleagues demonstrated a dramatic change in the way in which sine-wave speech sentences are perceived, depending on listener’s specific prior … Continue reading

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