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Miles Davis "Summertime" (1958)

in 1953, pianist George Russell published his Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, which offered an alternative to the practice of improvisation based on chords. Abandoning the traditional major and minor key relationships of Western music, Russell developed a new … Continue reading

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How Organized Consumer Purchasing Can Change Business

How Organized Consumer Purchasing Can Change Business from carrotmob on Vimeo.The predictable reflex behaviour called “business sense” will fall for a ploy, every time. There’s no trick there, its simple behaviour-mod, 2-4-6-8 Ring the Bell and Salivate … a carrot … Continue reading

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RCAF 50: Air Transport Command Band

Incorporating the big band sound of Canada’s Air Transport Command Band and the Air Command Pipes and Drums, originally recorded in 1974RCAF 50: A 45/70 Commemorative Release Originally funded by the RCAF Association, the release was digitally rem… Continue reading

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The Spitfire Band – Flight III (1983)

Following on the success of Flight II the year before, the Spitfire Swing Band followed up with a second recording, this time on CBS RecordsFlight III Continue reading

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The Brixton Pound

The Brixton Pound (B ) is a local currency launching in September 2009. This is a practical way for local people to vote with our wallets for a strong and diverse Brixton economy. It will be a complementary currency, working alongside (not replac… Continue reading

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Why Does Water Expand When it Cools? A New Explanation

It appears that water is much more interesting than many of us ever could have imagined. via Continue reading

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