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The Japanese Spider-Man

You Really Haven't Lived Until You Have Seen The Japanese Spider-Man TV Show: “In this series, Spider-Man isn’t some geeky, science loving, newspaper photographer, named Peter Parker. Oh no, he is a bad ass motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro. In … Continue reading

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New Year Ultra Resolutions

Urutora No Hi:: 1. To not go to school on an empty stomach 2. To air out the futon on days when the weather is good 3. To watch out for cars when walking on the street 4. To not … Continue reading

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The Radiophonatron

The BBC Radiophonatron … we are the superior composers. we have the supreme will play. you will PLAY. YOU WILL PLAY!!!! boom boom worp noo-nah whizz CRASH!

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The Story Behind the Classic

Charlie Brown Christmas: The Story Behind the Classic: “CBS initially balked at A Charlie Brown Christmas. After all, it addressed some challenging themes: Besides the frank expressions of alienation that Peanuts had embraced from the beginning, the show raised questions … Continue reading

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Three Little Bops

Via Skipper Bartlett, from 1957, a bop-ish Looney tunes short With Shorty Rogers and Stan Freberg, and yet another of my pre-school indoctrinations to ultra-hipness. The Big Bad Wolf he learned the Rule: You gotta get hot to play real … Continue reading

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Turn Off the Boob-Toob

Science for Raising Happy Kids: “a new study out shows, once again, a pretty strong link between happiness and NOT watching television. University of Maryland sociologists John Robinson and Steven Martin show that happier people tend to watch considerably less … Continue reading

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Happy 30th "Star Wars Holiday Special"! “Yeah, you read right — we’re actually giving a shout-out to the sadly misguided ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’. Why? Because as fans of all things Star Wars, we think every aspect of that faraway galaxy is worthy of some … Continue reading

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