It has been such a long Exposition.

A long time ago, about 1992 perhaps, back when cello was the the reigning browser only just being challenged by the upstart called Netscape Navigator, there was a small old obsolete Silicon Graphics computer at gypsy.rose.utoronto.ca where an experimental Cern httpd delivered our research papers and a small journal web-log that sported among other things a ‘massive’ animated gif sync’d to au audio showing Bruce Cockburn’s Sunwheel Dance being played on an appalacian dulcimer. That was the start.

2012-09-26-151705Flash forward to 1994, the Ontario Science Centre boasts the first website in Ontario’s gov.on.ca domain and earns a feature on Premier Bob Rae’s personal page; in the side corridors of the OSC, another SGI machine, another home for another web log-journal, followed by another on a home-built CMS hosted in the odd hostname of sauble.cbc.ca and then, inevitably, homed at the 1998 domain http://www.teledyn.com, physically housed briefly in a rack machine in the back closet of a legal office in downtown Owen Sound and then hosted by Superb.net on a leased old beater box for I think nearly a decade before I just got too tired of spammers and hackers and upgrade heartaches and moved the whole thing into the cloud.

Several cloud-hosts later, we ended up here.  It’s been a long journey, thousands of words typed and thousands of more lost in host migrations, but it’s here now, homed at wordpress.com and so far so good.

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  1. mrG says:

    well, it didn’t last long. yes the interface is slick, yes, the templates are trendy, but no, it doesn’t do the job, the biggest detraction being the fees on domain parking, fees that exceed the cost of the domain itself! So I moved the hop, skip and jump to import to here, export to there, the there being http://teledyn.blogspot.ca where I will be allowed to park the http://blog.teledyn.com domain, but in the process of the move discovered a nasty secret of these import-export tools: they only take text! WP does import some images, but other media are ‘imported’ only as links, and blogger’s import only takes the text, so that leaves images hosted on WP, other material (mp3s, pdfs, videos) soon to vanish off posterous.

    which is to say that the massive archive is soon to be a hopelessly broken mash. Oh well.


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