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amanda palmer: why i am not afraid to take your money

As One Working Musician put it, “[Amanda] clearly lays out her reasoning for not being ashamed or afraid to ask her fans to pay her for her work. This is one of the clearest statements of what I call the New Artist???s Creed that I have read to date… Continue reading

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The Staffordshire Hoard

This hoard is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England. It compares and perhaps exceeds those objects found at Sutton Hoo. Originally discovered by metal detectorist Terry Herbert in July 2009 and subsequently … Continue reading

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An Anatomical Guide To Monsters

The people at noted that these illustrations by Shogo Endo are from “An Anatomical Guide To Monsters,” a 1967 book with text by Shoji Otomo,adding “If anyone can find a copy, we’ll take it!”[via Milena] via Study thes… Continue reading

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Enhancing Attention and Cognition

If there were a surefire way to improve your brain, would you try it? Judging by the abundance of products, programs and pills that claim to offer ???cognitive enhancement,??? many people are lining up for just such quick brain fixes. Recent research … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Creates Department of Peace

IMAGINE PEACE: “Costa Rica’s justice ministry was created to oversee the country’s penitentiary systems and supervise research on criminal behavior, but had no responsibility for crime prevention. A 1998 executive decree addressed this lapse by creating the National Directorate for … Continue reading

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How to make people less likely to want to enhance your life

It’s very easy. Simply do what most people do: when someone tells or gives you something or sends you a link or a photo or anything you already have or have read or seen, first thing say, “Oh, I saw / knew / have that.” Me, I see a lot but you’ll … Continue reading

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