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Moonship Journeys

Buying experiences, not possessions, leads to greater happiness: “experiential purchases, such as a meal out or theater tickets, result in increased well-being because they satisfy higher order needs, specifically the need for social connectedness and vitality — a feeling of … Continue reading

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Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit?

Test your Awareness with Do The Test’s Whodunnit. Who Killed Lord Smithe? How observant are you? How did you do?

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The dance of consciousness

Mind Hacks – The dance of consciousness: “Consciousness is not something that happens in us. It is something we do. A much better image is that of the dancer. A dancer is locked into an environment, responsive to music, responsive … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Elected President

Barack Obama Elected President: “the data show a consistent positive trend that continues through the declaration at 23:00 ET and his subsequent speech to 125,000 people at Grant Park in Chicago and the public via TV. The formal data segment … Continue reading

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The end of music (reprise)

8tracks – the end of music: “‘Many people in our society now go around the streets and in the buses and so forth playing radios with earphones on and they don’t hear the world around them. They hear only what … Continue reading

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Our grip on reality is slim

Our grip on reality is slim, says UCL scientist: “We believe that hallucinations are caused by a difficulty in discriminating information present in the outside world from information that is imagined. In schizophrenia the difficulty you have in separating reality … Continue reading

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Polling the Crowd Within

Polling the Crowd Within: “the average of two guesses for any individual participant was better than either guess alone, regardless of the time between guesses. So polling the “crowd within” does indeed yield a statistically more accurate answer. What’s more, … Continue reading

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