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Sun Ra Explained

ShoMerde – Sun Ra’s Chart Explained: “Following the momentous appearance of the Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen at the Palais Royale in October 2008, local astrologer Julie Simmons ran down the founding father’s chart on morning … Continue reading

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Status: Citizenship

Gary does not WANT to be a citizen of this planet.It takes too long. He would much rather stay a citizen of The Greater Uni-Verse.

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Marshall Allen

allen interview on VimeoOn a cold and rain-soaked October night, Marshall Allen made it all make sense…Here’s the first interview with Allen, where he breaks it down for ShoMerde’s FamousLee; his history in the Sun Ra Arkestra and his role … Continue reading

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Status: Infected by Space

Gary is listening to ‘infected’, podcast of Sun Ra covers

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Clazz Orchestra plays Sun Ra

part 4 of 6: Saturn: “Sun Ra’s Saturn revisited Registration of the Clazz Orchestra concert at the ZXZW Sun Ra Festival, sep 19th, 2008. Tilburg, the Netherlands. Music Video Code by The Clazz Orchestra played music by Sun Ra, … Continue reading

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Status: Here Comes The Sun

Gary is watching the sunshine advance through the trees. What IS the opposite of “shadows recede”? Encroaching illumination? Need to know: Penrose calc says our Sun may be sentient, “Orch OR with large E.” Penrose observed that interiors of neutron … Continue reading

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Sun Ra Arkestra live on Radio 6

Sun Ra Arkestra live op Radio 6: podcast of the Sept 21 show at the Paradox in Tilburg during their ‘Arkestra in Residence’ at the ZXZW Festival. a review (in Dutch) and photos at 3voor12 Tilburg

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