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The Strangest Species

Humans: “Humans are arguably the most bizarre creatures in the animal kingdom. The proof is in the many gross, unnecessary, contradictory and simply inexplicable things we do. And of course we’re different in our capacity to ponder all these oddities … Continue reading

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Mistletoe Meds Fight Cancer

Discovery News: “Another reason to celebrate under the mistletoe this holiday season is that researchers have just determined a medicine made out of fermented mistletoe (Iscadore) may prolong the lives of cancer patients. The plant is Viscum album, the most … Continue reading

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head bangers stuck between rock and a hard bass

Head and neck injury risks in heavy meta: a report on the British Medical Journal on the head and neck injury risks in heavy metal – Possible interventions to reduce the risk of injury caused by head banging include substitution … Continue reading

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Happiness is contagious

Los Angeles Times: “Knowing someone who is happy makes you 15.3% more likely to be happy yourself, the study found. A happy friend of a friend increases your odds of happiness by 9.8%, and even your neighbor’s sister’s friend can … Continue reading

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‘Exercise’ is a mindset

‘Exercise’ is mindset as well as activity Neuroanthropology writes: “Becoming convinced that they were getting enough exercise or engaged in adequate activity to promote health helped their background activity to affect their physiology. Exercise was not just a physical activity, … Continue reading

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Second World War airmen part of study now in its 60th year

A picture of health: “Murphy didn’t realize it on the pivotal day of his RCAF medical, but the records of his height, weight, blood pressure and medical history — as well as a then-innovative electrocardiogram — would lead to his … Continue reading

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