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The Japanese Spider-Man

You Really Haven't Lived Until You Have Seen The Japanese Spider-Man TV Show: “In this series, Spider-Man isn’t some geeky, science loving, newspaper photographer, named Peter Parker. Oh no, he is a bad ass motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro. In … Continue reading

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Haruo Nakajima Turns 80

Armand's Rancho del Cielo: “Nakajima, who was the man in the Godzilla suit from 1954 to 1972, turned 80 years old today. Nakajima played several other monsters during his movie career including Rodan, Varan, King Kong and many others. He … Continue reading

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Status: Lost in Tokyo

Gary was finally able to get out of the driveway, but ended up getting lost in Tokyo.

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Godzilla Spotted In Chiba

Monster Island News: Breaking News! Godzilla Spotted In Chiba…..Wait….Its A Tree!: “This is a breaking news story, Godzilla has been spotted in Chiba Prefecture! Authorities are instructing residents to flee the area immediately. The JDF has been notified! Trucks with … Continue reading

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Prince Of Space (1959)

Monster Island News – Prince Of Space: “Prince of Space was originally a children’s series that was produced for Japanese television. The episodes were chopped up and edited together to produce the feature film. The film suffers from this greatly. … Continue reading

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Astroboy coming to theaters in 2009

Monster Island News: Astroboy coming to theaters in 2009: “Imagi Animation Studios announced that it has optioned rights from Tezuka Productions Company Limited (“Tezuka”) of Japan and is now producing a new CG animated feature length motion picture intended for … Continue reading

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Ukelele Ultraman

Ukelele + Road Safety + densetsu = ? well, the ukelele is only part of it

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