Rock and Roll (1949-2011)

Bereft of budgets or motivated staffs, the rock music business has been hard-pressed to support the promotion and marketing Images-5 efforts necessary to build acts and buzz. Without traditional record stores, there no longer are outlets in which to hype must-have recordings. In the past, record companies used to create personalities for artists, so when you bought albums, you felt a kinship to one or more of the artists. With the decline of newspaper, magazine and book reading by the youth culture, the personalities and philosophies of rock artists have become meaningless and moot.

I used to say that I’d feel old the day I saw Sir Paul McCartney as the guest host on The Tonight Show; JazzWax may be a little tongue in cheek here riffing on the horse theme of ‘Jazz is Dead’ so often flogged when there’s not much else to write about, but then again, the numbers don’t lie, and all around it does very much seem quite plausible Rock’s long since jumped the shark and the boomers may very well take their hype machine with them. The sad and tragic part, though, is Rock didn’t take its own advice, to stay pretty by dying young.

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I am a musician but I am a different sort of musician
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