A Message to Municipal Candidates

Whenever I begin to feel positive about the future of western civilization, an election roles around and shatters my illusions. As we near the municipal elections, I seek in vain for any shred of a viable future vision; the best simply say they will ‘do their best’ but in the same breath they repeat the mantras of growth and development.

“Knowing exactly how much of the future can be introduced into the present is the secret of great government.” — Victor Hugo

Dear council hopefulls, I have stood in the path and in the wake of that ‘development’, and seen the effects in all too many previous homelands, I have heard all the Progress slogans, and I have seen what follows; among the Amerindians of central america they say it is not wise to scream in the jungle, because the jaguars will come, and when they do, they won’t be thinking of your prosperity. As a public service to all candidates, I offer the following message from another world, a world before your world, a message from your elders, the peoples who live at the heart of our world, and I only ask that you give them audience, then pause and ponder why they should say such very contrary things so earnestly. If the Kobi message tempers just one of the policies that will fall from your hand in the years ahead, I will consider that to be the first evidence of real progress.

Here’s a tip: real progress happens when you learn to take care of your own with what you already have.  After that, any extra is extra.  Any salvational Satori will not come from without, it will come from within.


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I am a musician but I am a different sort of musician
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