Economics is not a Science

It’s not nature. It’s a game, with very particular rules, set in motion by real people with real purposes. That’s why it’s so amazing to me that scientists, and people calling themselves scientists, would propose to study the market as if it were some natural system ??? like the weather, or a coral reef.

It’s not. It’s a product not of nature but of engineering. And to treat the market as nature, as some product of purely evolutionary forces, is to deny ourselves access to its ongoing redesign. It’s as if we woke up in a world where just one operating system was running on all our computers and, worse, we didn’t realize that any other operating system ever did or could ever exist.

Historically, ‘Economics’ was coined by Malthus simply because numbers and equations had done so well for Newton in convincing authorities of physics and gravitation, they thought maybe it could lend some Divine Credence to the grand plan to convert all Common Land into Crown Land and all Free Serfs into Employees. It was a delightfully clever swindle. And it would have worked too, if those pesky kids hadn’t got in the way …

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One Response to Economics is not a Science

  1. Anonymous says:

    the author goes on to wonder why the farce is perpetuated, but you and I both know the answer to that: when we propose alternative economies, even those with proven track records from pre-Malthusian antiquity, we’re dismissed as irrelevant… <i>because we DON’T fit The Game</i>.And we’re dismissed as ignorant know-nothings if we fall out of the … game, dismissed as hypocrites should we profit from the game, raided and tried as pirates should we dare implement an alternative; it is the usual way academia protects its tenured interests, nothing new there, not since the days of Socrates.So many of us resign ourselves to addressing and redressing particular specific sores of the pox only to see those wounds still grow and multiply despite our best efforts, simply because the root cause of the disease, the worship of economic game theory, goes on unchallenged and untreated.But given that, given that clearly it is wrong-headed to treat the symptoms without seeking the root cause, it is surprising then that so many, so very many supposedly ‘<i>thinking</i>’ people remain such loyal fans of the Malthusian Deception, it is a tenet of their religion, an unquestioned Truth, the Pillar that holds aloft the Sky. Yet some of them will even call themselves <i>Skeptics</i> and boldly challenge the belief systems of others, even violently so.This makes me wonder: <i>Could it be that the antithesis of Economics, which pits the one against the many, is <b>RELIGION</b>, which absorbs the one into the many?</i> Could they have fallen prey to <i>Image Junk</i>, so addicted to their past-view image of themselves, the cold-turkey of <i>changing</i> is just too unbearable to face? Could it be, in their junkie state, their ingrained conditioned disgust of the ‘R’ word leaves them sadly with no choice <i>other</i> than the <i>Worldwide Church of Economics</i>?William S. Burroughs describes the Image Junkie addiction process as a virus, a word virus, but a virus nonetheless. He proposes the image of a virus that needs ‘<i>Oxygen</i>’, for which you can substitute the word ‘<i>Money</i>" — since the virus needs more oxygen than the host, the virus will manipulate the behaviour of the host so as to <i>increase</i> the oxygen intake, providing the surplus the parasite virus needs for its needs. Clearly the inherent overcapacity allowances in Natural Organisms can tolerate <i>some</i> additional intake behaviours and the two, host and virus, can live in a balance <i>at certain levels</i> … but should the virus get out of balance, should it grow beyond that natural allowance, you get the junkie who can think only of the next fix, a fix that does them no benefit other than to restore the feeling of ‘<i>Normal</i>’ to get the "<i>Monkey (Mind) off their back</i>" and their own life no longer has any function or meaning beyond supplying the parasite Virus with the money it needs.


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