Who’s Myth are YOU?

“magnetism must originate in the Earth???s core”

???Everyone accepted this, but in reality there has never been any proof,??? said Gregory Ryskin, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois. ???It is just an idea we have accepted for a long time without questioning it enough.???

A pause now to wonder which is better, to hold to some myth founded on ancient superstition, or to hold to some scientific fact based on nothing at all? Like the tale of the topical demonization of the plastic shopping bag, the etymology of science myths can be a fascinating study in human communications.


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One Response to Who’s Myth are YOU?

  1. Anonymous says:

    coincidentally concurrent, this piece from the Guardian on the persistent myth of the conflict of science with religion, with attributors as prominent as Carl Sagan gleefully peppering their rhetoric with complete nonsense:"A strange thing about the conflict myth is that much of the evidence for it is bogus. Not only are most people ignorant of the real history, but what they think they know about it is actually untrue."http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/jun/14/science-religion-coyne


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