On Being a Baby

children are like the R&D department of the human species. They???re the ones who are always learning about the world. But if you???re always learning, imagining, and finding out, you need a kind of freedom that you don???t have if you???re actually making things happen in the world. And when you???re making things happen, it helps if those actions are based on all of the things you have learned and imagined. The way that evolution seems to have solved this problem is by giving us this period of childhood where we don???t have to do anything, where we are completely useless. We???re free to explore the physical world, as well as possible worlds through imaginative play. And when we???re adults, we can use that information to actually change the world.

On the topic of Children’s Day, some up to the minute research-fueled developmental psychology thinking about just what it is like to really be a child, and no, not some cheap faux inner-child, but the real thing, the real McCoy, the real child. And why is it they are the very strange little creatures that they are, and why might Nature find them being this way is so important to its Humanity.

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