Welcome To The Game


Globaleyes: “Slowly, Michael opened his eyes. There was a group of people standing above him, some smiling, some looking concerned.
‘Did they burn – did they burn it?’
There was silence. ‘I think you had a fall young man’ said a kindly American voice. ‘Take your time’.
Two people sat him up and another offered him a hot drink. He sipped at the thermos without saying anything, his breath rasping in the cold. He shook.
‘What happened to me?’ Michael asked.
‘You fainted’ said a woman with a British accent.
‘The soldiers. Where did the soldiers go?’
‘Oh pet,’ she giggled, ‘there haven’t been any soldiers here for decades’.”

From the wretched hive of scum and bloggery that is Blather.net, a multi-media tale to tell that starts at the beginning and runs with it. Be sure to check out the Google Maps Edition

About mrG

I am a musician but I am a different sort of musician
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