New York Times Article Search API


New York Times Announces Article Search API: “The New York Times announced yesterday that a new content API is available ??? this one is an article search API. This new API covers articles going back to 1981 ??? that???s over 2.8 million articles, and it???s updated hourly ??? with search in 35 different fields.”

keys are free but you???ll have to register. Keys for this particular API are good for 10000 requests a day. Like many modern APIs, you build the data request in the search URL…

all of which means while most of us will still go to the NYT website, it is now possible, say, for Wiarton Willie to robotically track his U.S. press clippings and have them made instantly presentable for his own website. Should he have any. Which is unlikely, of course, tho not impossible, and brings us to the real question of why, since the BBC and now the NYT both recognize the value in being an Information Resource dare say it may not be before we get the same from our own CBC. Or Quebecor or Osprey News.

Need your Junior League team standings on your team website? Not a problem … “For sharing” is, after all, why newspapers collect all this data, no?


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