Darcy James Argue on Recording Logistics

Fractured Atlas Blog : Featured Member: “Right now, fiscal sponsorship is more common in the classical music world than in jazz or pop circles, but with the traditional recording industry in decline, I think you’re going to see a lot more musicians of all stripes turn to Fractured Atlas and similar organizations as a way to help raise money for their recording projects.”

I dare say Darcy is right and his comment struck me as a perfectly viable model for the future of recording in a world where it is almost a given that an indy record will be lucky to break even. But as a community barn-raising event, it does make good sense, as a means to properly document what would otherwise be left to less-than-ideal field recordings using questionably placed lapel-clip microphones, it would be worth it to the ‘appreciators’ just to have the master sitting somewhere for posterity, and from that perspective then does it perhaps make common-good sense that the collectively financed master should be in the Creative Commons?


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