Turn Off the Boob-Toob

Science for Raising Happy Kids: “a new study out shows, once again, a pretty strong link between happiness and NOT watching television. University of Maryland sociologists John Robinson and Steven Martin show that happier people tend to watch considerably less television than unhappy people. We don???t know why ??? if TV makes people unhappy, or if already unhappy people tend to watch more TV. But we do know that there are a lot of activities out there that WILL help our kids develop into happy, well-adjusted individuals. If our kids are watching TV, they aren???t doing those things that could be making them happier in the long run.

I don???t think that television is the root of all evils. I put my kids in front of heinous princess videos all the time: how else would I stay sane? But television viewing is not a happiness habit.”

I dare say Internet Watching isn’t much better, but I won’t.


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