Surveying Skepticism


Surveying Skepticism | TDG – Science, Magick, Myth and History: “the skeptical movement is gaining serious traction online, despite their protestations that the world is being swallowed by the irrationality monster – witness the growing audiences of the Skeptics Guide podcast, Bad Astronomy, Pharyngula etc. Mind you, there’s very good reasons to be a skeptic (in the true sense of the word) – there’s no shortage of stupidity and fraud out there – but I think the reason why so many *pseudo-skeptics* are being embraced (e.g. Randi) is because they trade on intellectual superiority (‘hey, if you’re interested in that you must be a goofy anti-science guy’) – and there’s plenty of fragile egos out there wanting to join the ‘smart club’. Me, I’ll just continue to be unfashionable and look into strange and weird things, though with plenty of caution.”

heh … well I wonder if its all the “non-fiction” they’re made to read that leads to all this muddle-headed thinking!

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