21+ Acre Park-like Paradise For Sale

Florida Real Estate For Sale: “21+ acre park-like paradise, lush landscaping consisting of many ponds, lakes, hundreds of palm trees, various fruit and flowering trees, many large old, oak trees, two bridges and a large deck cantilevered over a lake.

Ten buildings; hurricane resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, concrete and steel buildings, 5 are domes, 3 homes, 1 office, 2 equipped shops, very large spa, 4 wells, 3 septic tanks.

A Perfect Country Get Away…”

For those who may be inspired by the film “Zeitgeist: Addendum“, here’s the one-year-later The Venus Project futureworld research facilities, all yours for less than the price of your average Sauble beach-biz location! Ideal location for reinventing human existence, would also make an ideal lair for an evil genius.


About mrG

I am a musician but I am a different sort of musician
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