Statistics on Religion in America

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life: "An extensive new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details statistics on religion in America and explores the shifts taking place in the U.S. religious landscape. Based on interviews with more than 35,000 Americans age 18 and older, the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey finds that religious affiliation in the U.S. is both very diverse and extremely fluid."

One of the great social triumphs of the 20th century is how Bohemian ethics have ubiquitously prevailed, and so deeply that tolerance and flexibility are now completely normal and commonplace; the new Pew study is further evidence.

Lest you believe the bile and rhetoric surrounding the upcoming US Elections or the non-sense non-science being foisted in the schools, the truth of the matter is a generally healthy human sense of awe and humility:

“Among those who are affiliated with a religious tradition, seven-in-ten say many religions can lead to eternal life. This view is shared by a majority of adherents in nearly all religious traditions, including more than half of members of evangelical Protestant churches”


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