"Which instruments can you play?"


The Music Thing 'Which instruments can you play?' survey of 2008: I’ve been playing piano a bit recently, and thinking about how bad I am at it. Using the wondrous new Google Forms system, I thought I’d find out how you feel… Which instruments can you play well enough to enjoy playing them?

I used to say, “I will play ANYTHING … but I won’t guarantee anyone will want to listen!” but I later was given an even better operative definition by Will Henry who said you could play “if your kids no longer leave the room when you practice” and better still, Sun Ra’s rule of the making of a sound that you deem suitable to present to the Creator of the Universe as your best argument for why the curse on this Planet Earth should be lifted — but I can still see some good value to the Music Thing definition as being a check-mark for “all of the above”

About mrG

I am a musician but I am a different sort of musician
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